How To Make Stained Glass

The how to make stained glass tutorials below start right at the beginning with some creative designing tips and pattern ideas. Cover the edges with copper foil before soldering the glass pieces back together.

Stained Glass Windows For Churches May Make Comeback With Younger

The copper foil is what gets soldered to hold the glass together.

How to make stained glass

. The stained glass maker buys coloured glass from the glass blower or manufacturer and the colours are already in the sheets of glass. I ve selected the best videos to make learning how to make stained glass easy for you. After you know which project you wish to use you can now choose a pattern you would like to create. Making your own stained glass can be more fun and cheaper than buying it from a professional.

Now add more flux to this top surface and then more solder along the lines to make a nice smooth bead line. To make stained glass draw or print out your design on graph paper cut the design into separate pieces and label them by color and grain direction. For more tips on scoring glass and soldering copper foil read. This technique uses copper foil which has an adhesive on one side to hold the glass pieces together.

You may risk breaking the glass or delaminating the copper foil. If the stained glass joints are planned broad it is better not to make long narrow elements with very sharp edges. Thankfully most of the equipment is rather versatile and can be used for both copper foil and lead came projects. Paper can be given a texture that is somewhat like stained glass using baby oil.

General stained glass tools and supplies. By the time you get to the final patina and polish tutorial you to will be an expert too. If you don t have a local class my. If windows have high proportion of red you know that someone probably spent lot of money on them.

Do not stay in one spot too long. Choose from a simple panel to put in a window screens sun catchers ornaments or boxes. It is first important to know exactly what you want to create with your project. There are many different ways stained glass can be used.

Some supplies though are specially designed for a particular technique. Wait until things cool down and flip over and repeat for. This is a completely different technique than i am showing you. From the tools grinders glass kits molds fusing supplies to professional instruction glass crafters is your one stop source for all you stain glass.

Print off the following shopping lists and take them to your nearest glass or hobby shop to make sure you have what you need for whatever project you ve set out to create. Copper foil also comes with silver or copper backing. The larger figure in stained glass t shaped intersections so it is more durable. Firstly broad folia still closes substantial part of.

Repeat and tack the other pieces to hold them together temporarily. Next place the design under your glass and trace the outline with a permanent marker. Glass crafters stained glass supplies. It s not as vibrant or intricate as the real stained glass but it does look good considering it s just paper and it s a lot of fun to make.

The basis of the sketch of the stained glass window photo taken real maple leaf. Since this work is done by a pupil drawing lines were as simple as possible. Copper foil some stained glass works use lead came which is a lead channel that holds pieces of glass together. Make this a quick dab on the glass and remove the iron tacking.

General rules for construction of the sketch lines. Sketch of stained glass. Let s go over step by step on how to make your own diy stained glass. Use a scoring tool to trace over the marker then break the glass into individual pieces along the scored lines.

If you re new to stained glass or coming back to it after a break there are many tips and tricks you can learn to make it easier for yourself. Stained glass is a hobby that requires quite a bit of equipment. Copper foil comes in a variety of widths to accommodate different thicknesses of glass. The most expensive colour for glass is red which is made by adding copper or gold into the mix.

The following tools are. Even the clear glass isn t really colourless but has. Many chose a window design for their first project. To create other colours it s just a matter of adding different metals for example cobalt for blue.

Be sure to pick up the.

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